Key Facts About the Self Storage Industry

In 2016, the self-storage industry made $32.7 billion - almost three times more than Hollywood makes in a single year. It has grown by 7.7 percent a year since 2012 and employs 144,000 people. The industry is growing so fast that it would fill the Hoover Dam 26 times over! While some people see these issues as roadblocks to growth, industry boosters see them as opportunities for further growth. Listed below are some of the key facts about the self storage industry.Initially, the self-storage industry began with the brothers Martin and John Bekins of Omaha, Nebraska. The brothers were among the first to use steel warehouses and motor trucks. They eventually pioneered the concept of self storage and the modern day industry. Despite the early beginnings of the industry, it is important to note that the practice has been around for centuries. In fact, many people are not even aware that there was ever a time when self-storage services weren't an option.

Using self-storage for your seasonal items is important for several reasons. For one thing, seasonal items should not be stored in your home. They will be subjected to various dangers in the winter season, so it is best to store these items in a self-storage unit. In addition to keeping your home tidy, your furniture and garden equipment will be protected from the elements. The cold winter months can be hard on your belongings, so consider renting a self-storage unit to protect these items.The proposal for a self-storage facility in a designated industrial area will require a special permit from city planners. While the proposal is largely symbolic, it is important to note that these spaces are often crowded. In some cities, the number of people seeking self-storage spaces has increased, so the city's demand for self-storage has also risen. The city's manufacturing base is down to 76,300 workers in 2016, from 265,200 in 1990.Before you start looking for a self-storage space, you must first conduct a proper market research. This will allow you to pinpoint your prospective customer base within a radius of a one to five-mile area. Self-storage renters are typically upper and middle-income brackets. The average age range for self-storage tenants is between mid-twenty and early-fifties. In urban areas, the projected population is about 100,000.

People using self-storage facilities have many reasons to use these units. Moving can be complicated and stressful, so it is a good idea to leave certain belongings in storage. Self-storage facilities are ideal for those who are downsizing their homes, caring for an estate, or simply working through a natural disaster. Moreover, self-storage units can help people avoid moving by preserving space and preventing unnecessary clutter. For those who live in apartments, these storage units in chicago can be a real boon during the move. In addition, they can save a lot of money by allowing people to keep their belongings in a safe location.When choosing a self-storage facility, consider the types of services that are offered at different locations. Drive-up storage, for example, is the cornerstone of the industry. It provides convenient vehicle access, which is extremely convenient for customers. While not all facilities offer this facility, many do have a large drive-up loading bay. Some even have online booking options that let tenants sign contracts without actually meeting with a person. A drive-up storage unit can store up to five vehicles. Check out this related post to get more enlightened on the topic:


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